As you go adding elements to a slide, Slidebean will show you possible layout arrangements to choose from and organize the content blocks. After that, it's all about minor and personal tweaks.

In the Design editor, you will find this as a round button at the side of the slide, as "Arrangement". Click on it and choose the option that fits better. 

As you go adding or removing elements, it will automatically reorganize. We encourage you to keep the slides simple and with just the necessary content. 

In case the number of content blocks that you have require manual rearrangements, you can simply drag and drop the elements. If needed, you can reset each element to its original position, within their own editing options.

Define the order of appearance

If you need the content elements to show up in a specific sequence, keep in mind that they will automatically be displayed from left to right and from top to bottom. You can swap the elements accordingly, just by dragging them and they will switch positions and order.

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