All your Slidebean documents are available in your account home page, both the ones you created and the ones that have been Shared with you. 

In order to organize your presentations, you can create Folders and add them accordingly. You'll find the "Add folder" button in the left-hand sidebar.

Name your folder and add a short description if you like, you can edit or delete the folder by accessing it and clicking on its settings button.

In order to add a presentation into a folder, find the deck in your home page and click on it. Look for the folder icon button and click on it to see all your folders, then just select the one you'd like to send the document to.

Here you can also remove a presentation from a folder after you've added it, by just deselecting the folder where it currently is.

If you want to remove a folder, click on it in order to access it, look for the settings button in the upper right side of the screen and find the Delete option.

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