Color in your slides is assigned through a Color Palette. You will find a list of Palettes in the Design editor, each one with different combinations for you to choose from. These combinations, or Color Sets, are determined by design considerations in order to ensure a good result.

Just click on Palette to get the list of available options will pop up and be automatically applied to the slides after selected. 

In order to change the Color Set for a slide and try different color combinations, in the Design editor click the Settings button. Keep in mind that changing the Palette or the Color Set will be applied through all slides.

Our pre-designed color palettes will display.  Select the one you want to use and it will automatically be applied to all your slides. 

If you're on a Premium or Professional plan, you'll be able to create your own Custom Palette. Within the Palette options, use the "+New" button to create your palette and be able to add up to 3 different sets.

Each set can have three different colors, assigned to a specific content block of the presentation: texts, backgrounds, and highlights. To change a color just click on it, or type in its HEX code.

Once you have your palette and it's color sets, you can change colors on a specific slide. On the Design editor, click on the background of your slide and the different options will be seen on the right side of your slide.


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