here are about 10 million colors in total... 🌈

Isn't it frustrating when you can't seem to add the same exact shade of blue as your company logo to your presentation?

Say no more. 

We can create a Custom Theme for you. Contact us and send us your logo, brand book, website... anything related to your corporate image to create a Template based on those guidelines.

You send us your information, and we create something like this*: 

We accept all files, well, almost all files, but if you send a couple of transparent .png files, maybe some .ai files or pdf files we would really appreciate it 😉.

*this is just an example, each case may vary.

The result: awesome Slidebean templates with your company's whole essence ready to be filled with any content you may need.

Forget about the other 9, 999, 999 colors, this is the one! 💙

 Keep in mind: you must have an active subscription Premium or Team plan to request this service. 

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