Do you feel like Slidebean could be missing something? Or do you just have a good idea to make the app better? You can now be heard, through our public Roadmap. 

Submitting a new idea/feature request

Here, you will find the top features we have Under consideration, Planned and Launched, and be able to sum up your vote for them.

When clicking on a feature card, you'll see a description of it as well as some suggestions/questions to help you provide the most effective feedback possible and be heard!

If you don't see your idea in the existing Roadmap entries, feel free to click the Submit idea button and send your feature idea.

Whether you are up-voting an existing idea or submitting your own, we'll ask how important the feature is to you in order to have a better notion of the impact it might have. After you pick your answer, we'll ask you to briefly elaborate on your idea, so the feedback is the most effective possible. 

Finally, having your email address will allow us keep you posted about the feature. Rest assured we'll make our best to be receptive and adapt your ideas to our efforts to make the app better 🙌

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