The Audio content block allows you to record sound over a slide, using your device's microphone or upload an audio file. To do it, go to Add Content Block and select Audio. It looks and works the same both in Outline and Design. 

A Sound icon will be displayed in a corner of the slide and you can click it in order to the track. Hit the Record button (red circle) to start recording and then the Stop button (red square) when you're done. You'll be able to listen to it and decide to save or discard it.

In order to Upload an audio file, just hit the green cloud button and select it from the files browser.

Using more than 1 Audio track

We encourage you to keep things simple, however, the option exists to add as many Audio tracks as you need. If you have more than one Audio track, use the Animations feature to organize the sequence. 

If all elements are tagged with number 1, it means they will all show up at once when you present and all elements are inside the "Step 1" box.

In order to change the elements order, just drag and drop them from "Step 1" box, to "Step 2". Consecutive steps will be added automatically for you to drag and drop elements accordingly. 

Audio while presenting

When viewing the slides, the audio track/s will be reproduced automatically. It can be paused by clicking the Audio icon.

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