Logged into your Account, the first thing you see is the Dashboard. You'll find your presentations here. In the left Sidebar, you can see Your presentations and the ones others have Shared with you.

You can always access this page by clicking on the Slidebean's logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

At your left, there's a Sidebar. At the bottom, you'll find your name and can click on it to get your Account Settings. These are the actions you can take from here:

  • Your Profile. If you have public presentations, they'll be shown on your Slidebean Profile. Here you can manage your personal info, Name, Picture, Alias and even add a short Bio. The Account language setting is also found here.
  • Subscription. Whether you already signed up for a Plan or want to do it now, here's where to find access to manage your service Plan. It can be purchased and canceled from here. 
  • Team. This is for subscribers to our Team plan. Here, invitations can be sent to team members to share the account benefits. Manage to add new coworkers as well as removing access to former ones.
  • Email Notifications. Control what communications you want to get in your inbox. 
  • Security. Your account's Email and Password settings are found here.

Finally, at the bottom of these options, you'll be able to Log Out.

Pretty simple 🤓

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