Do you know how people are reacting to the slides you share with them? Even if they actually see them or how long did they take to do it? Slidebean's Insights is your analytics dashboard where you can track these and other stats on your shared slides.

To access it, from your Documents click on the presentation you want to look at and find the Insights button, next to Edit. 

When sharing your presentation via URL link, you can request viewers to enter their email address so you can recognize their individual stats. Otherwise, the view will be logged as Anonymous. To enable this, go to the Share options of the deck.

The dashboard will show you an overview of the collected data, which can sorted within different time ranges. On "Viewers", you'll find details for each entry and learn about their Completion rate, Average duration and even on what slide did they exit the presentation.

Use Insights to streamline the way you share your slide decks and be on top of your audience's reactions and interests, to make better decisions 🙌

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