How would you like to know if the people you share your presentation with, actually see it? Slidebean offers you a dashboard where you can keep track of views and activity on your slides. It's Insights.

To access Insights, from your Dashboard click on the presentation and find the button next to Edit. 

It's so cool, that you can even know the percentage of viewers who return to see your slides and the new views, as well as what views from mobile and desktop devices.

When sharing your presentation via URL link, you can request to have viewers enter their email address so you can see their individual stats. To enable this, go to the Share options of the deck.

The main activity indicators you can keep track of, are: Total viewers and views, a Completion rate among the views and the Time spent in each slide. You'll also find the list of viewers and can sort results for different time periods.

Take the next step in optimizing your content according to your audience's reaction. Insights is an exclusive feature available to our subscribers.

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