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How to add and edit elements in your slides

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When starting a new blank presentation, you will see options to start adding content to the first slide. This includes Text, Media elements, Charts, and shapes. You can also find these options in the Insert button of the main menu bar.

Some elements have different editing options in the Outline and Design view of the editor. The Outline is intended to help you focus on adding the content, and Design will let you easily arrange it.

To Delete an element from the Outline view, look for the Trash Bin icon in its upper-right corner when hovering over it. In the Design view, just click on the element in the slide, and look at the bottom of the editing options to find the Delete button.

To Copy/Cut and Paste elements, go to Edit, up in the main menu bar.


Text elements include Headings, Paragraphs, Quotes, Numbers, Footers, and Code Snippets. In order to find the formatting options, just select the text you want to edit.

To edit the text size, there are preset Styles to choose from. Text color can't be changed for specific paragraphs or headings, but you can add colored highlighting. You can also create a custom Palette and choose colors for text, more details on that here. This is a Premium feature.


Here you can add Photos, Icons, Gifs, Videos, and Audio. For photos, icons, and gifs, Slidebean gives you access to a big library to choose from. Just search using keywords.


Available charts include Bar, Line, and Pie graphs. Also Timeline, Pyramid, Venn Diagram, Tables. Some graphics from Google Docs can also be embedded in the slide.

Once added, the Edit button will let you add and edit the graph's data. The graph colors will be determined by the Palette. You can create a custom Palette and choose colors for the graph, more details on that here. This is a Premium feature.

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