The Slidebean editor is divided in two views: Outline and Design. Start by adding all content to your slides first on the plain Outline view. Then move to Design.

Editing in Outline

Editing in the Outline view is simple, you basically add content elements and edit text. To add elements, go to "Insert" in the upper setting menu and choose what you need. 

Hovering over each element will show you some options including: reorder the element, duplicate and delete. Photos, icons and Gifs can have a caption.
You can format text in Outline, just select the words to find the available options. 

Editing in Design

The Design editor is where you define the visual aspect of the slides. Slidebean AI engine will automatically arrange the slides for you. If you're not satisfied with the arrangement, you can hit the Arrange with AI button again for more options and use Ctrl+Z to go back.  

To resize or reposition an element in the slide, just manually drag and drop it.

Clicking on each element will open the editing panel with its properties.


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