Sharing and Collaborating

How to share your presentation and manage privacy

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All presentations are private by default, and sharing options can be enabled with any subscription plan. To share a presentation, find it in My Presentations, hover over the deck, and click on the three dots at its top right corner. From the editor, you can get there by going to the File options in the main menu bar.

These are the sharing options you can choose:

  • Public on the web: The presentation will be indexed in Google and visible to anyone on the web.

  • Anyone with the link: Those with access to the shareable link can view the slides. You can copy the shareable link below.

  • Anyone in your team: If you have teammates added to your account, this option will make the deck visible in their accounts. For them to edit the slides, you need to add them as collaborators.


To add Collaborators with editing rights to a presentation, move to the Team & Collaboration tab, from the Share options. Add the collaborator's email, make sure to give editing access, and send the invitation.

You can invite collaborators both on private and shareable decks. Here you can manage these permissions and add or remove collaborators at any time.



Slidebean presentation links track visits and views, along with other activity stats that will help you monitor how visitors behave when viewing the slides.

When sharing a presentation with its link, you can require viewers to register an email address to identify them in the View panel. If you're sharing a deck with viewers in the EU, and just in general, we recommend enabling the GDPR compliance setting, in the Share options.

To access the views and other activity stats from your shared presentations, find the deck in My Presentations, hover over, and go to View. A side panel will come up with a summary of visitors, views, completion rate, and other details.


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