There are different ways to share a presentation, determined by the privacy level you want. All presentations are private by default, meaning that only you can see them. Sharing your deck is a feature available in Slidebean subscription plans. 

Here's how to manage a deck's share options. In your account home page, just hover over the deck and click on the three dots, at the top right corner of the deck preview.

A new window will pop up, where you can choose if your presentation is shareable or completely private. In order to share it, you need to switch the shown toggle to Others can view this presentation... and choose one of these possibilities,

If your presentation needs to be private, just turn off the toggle (Only you and your collaborators can view this presentation). Once the presentation is set to be private, those with the link will lose access.

Copy the available URL here, to share with your audience. You can require your viewers to register an email address, this will allow you to track their views and behavior while looking at your content with Presentation Insights. This is a unique feature for our subscribers 😎


Both on private and shareable decks, you're able to invite collaborators. Just add their email, choose if they can edit or just read the slides and send the invitation. Here you can manage these permissions, add and remove collaborators at any time. 

In order to invite collaborators to edit your slides, they'll need to sign up for Slidebean (a free account can do the trick).

Check out this short video tutorial for more details:


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