Some slides need to be handled privately while others are meant to be seen by big audiences. We take privacy seriously, so here's where you can manage if your slides can be shared or not.

To get there, find the deck among your presentations and hover over it, then find the Share button at its top left corner.

In the displayed options, there's a toggle that can be turned into two options: 

  • Others can view this presentation 

  • Only you and your collaborators can view this presentation

Private Presentations

To keep your presentation only available to you, turn the toggle to Only you and your collaborators can view this presentation. And that's it, only you will have access to that presentation.

If necessary, below in Collaboration you can still send an email invitation for someone to see or edit the slides while keeping it private. These permissions can be removed at any time too. Keep in mind that, collaborators will need to have a Slidebean account or sign up, even for free.

Shareable Presentations

You got it right. If you're free to share your slides, just need to turn the toggle to Others can view this presentation. These three different sharing options will be available for you to choose:

  • Public: The deck will be indexed into Google search engines, accessible in the open web.

  • Unlisted: Anyone with the shareable URL will be able to view the slides.

  • Team: All your teammates in Slidebean will have access to see the deck. Editing access needs to be granted manually, 

Here, you will find the link to share your deck. When sharing your deck, you can choose to require viewers to enter an email address, so you can track valuable stats from individual views, with Presentation Insights

If you're based in EU and/or sending the link to viewers in EU, make sure to enable the GDPR compliance setting, so your viewer can decide over his data usage as the regulation requires. 

Check out this video tutorial on how to share your presentation and collaborate with others in Slidebean:

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