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Learn how to brand the slides with your logo

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When uploading your logo, Slidebean lets you create a custom Theme and easily brand all the deck. To get started, move to the Design editor of the presentation, go to "Insert" and select the Logo Option.  

Create custom Theme from your website

If you have a website with brand elements, such as your logo and brand colors, then you can create a custom theme just with your website's URL. You'll see the option to "Create from website", just click on it and paste the site URL. With that, Slidebean will set up your branded presentation theme. It's like magic 😎

Create custom Theme with your logo 

If you're not doing it from a website, hit the "+ Create new" button. A window will pop up with the settings to create your theme. There are two buttons to upload the logo: one for light and dark backgrounds. Just click on them to be able to browse your computer files and upload them. We suggest using .png for better performance. 

In order to delete it just hit "Remove" and click on the logo itself in order to replace it. 

Once the logo is added, Slidebean will generate a suggested color Palette for your presentation. Just like that, your slides will match your brand colors and streamline your identity. 

If you don't want to use those colors, just choose a different Palette from the default options or create a new one to be able to choose the colors you like. You can also edit the palette created automatically. For that, first save the Theme and go look for the palette among the "Palette" options and hit the pencil icon button.

After the logo is uploaded and the colors are set, you can finally change the Base Style for the slides and finally the Fonts. When you have the right settings, make sure you click on "Save". 

If you want to make changes to the theme or even remove it, go find it among the "Theme" options and click on the Pencil button to edit it. Once there, find a Trash bin button in the lower left corner of the window. 

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