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Create a Custom Theme

Choose your own custom settings for the slides design

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You can easily brand your presentation by creating a Custom Theme, using your logo, brand colors and fonts. In the presentation editor, look for the "Theme" button in the upper part of the screen. There, select the "+ Create New" option.

Create a Custom Theme from your website

Slidebean can create a suggested custom Theme from your website. Just select the option and paste the URL. The app will pick up the logo and other basic graphic elements like colors and similar styles. Save the Theme to apply it.

*Please bear in mind this feature is still in development and some sites may give an error. If that happens, go ahead and create the custom Theme manually.

Create a Custom Theme with your logo 

To create your Theme, go to "+ Create new", within the Theme options. A window will pop up where you can edit the Theme settings. There are two buttons to upload the logo: a version for light and dark backgrounds. We suggest uploading .png files.

Once you add it, the app will generate a suggested color Palette matching the logo colors. If you don't want to use the suggested palette, go to the 'Colors' tab and choose another Palette from the available ones, or go to create a "+ New Palette".

Check out this article for more details on creating custom Palettes.

Finally, move to the Fonts tab in the Theme editor window. There, you can choose from the available options and select one Font for all headings, and one for the body text.

You can also upload Font files if you have your fonts to work with. Just select "+ New Font".

Edit/Remove a Custom Theme

If you want to edit or even remove a custom Theme you've created, go to the "Theme" options again and find "Your Themes" in the list. There, find the Pencil button and access to edit it. To delete it, use the Trash Bin icon at the bottom.

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