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How to get an offline copy of your slides
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Presentations can be downloaded as PPT,  PDF, and HTML offline files.

To request an export, go to My Presentations from your dashboard home page. There, just hover over the presentation and look for the Ellipsis button (three little dots) for more ooptions, and select Export.

This can also be done from the Editor, by going to the "File" option in the upper settings menu bar.

These are the available download options:


This format allows presenting while being offline, keeping transition animations. Once you request it, a .zip file will be downloaded. Open it and expand the folder to find the HTML file within. This will open your presentation in your default browser. Remember videos can't be reproduced offline.

If you're using HTML on Windows, check this article.


It's a static, non-editable copy of your slides without transition animations, videos, or audio. Links and Hyperlinks are not supported in PDF.


You can export two PPT file types: Static and Editable. The static version provides non-editable images of the slides, in a .ppt file.

These are some considerations for the Editable version:

  • Most of the Premium fonts you have available in Slidebean, are not installed in PowerPoint by default and will be replaced with a generic font.

  • Video and Audio can't be exported.

  • Charts and tables will be exported as a non-editable image.

Note: Downloading presentations is a subscription feature.

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