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How to stop seeing Slidebean ads on Facebook
How to stop seeing Slidebean ads on Facebook

Facebook's new GDPR-compliance features allows you to block all ads related to your website visits.

Updated over a week ago

Disclaimer: as per our cookie policy, we track activity on our main website and our app to learn more about activity on the sites and improve our product. These cookies also allow us to server retargeting ads to certain users based on their activity inside the app. For that purpose, we use Facebook's Pixel, which has been installed in our sites. 

This article relates to features specific of Facebook, a third party website; it is provided for your as a reference.

If you would like to stop seeing Slidebean ads on Facebook, you can use the Ad Preferences section to see what interests Facebook has tracked about you, and edit/remove the ones you no longer want to see.

  • If you see Slidebean on the list, click the Remove button that shows up as you hover over the logo. 

That's it! All ads served by us will now be blocked for you. 

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