Presenter View
Access your notes and keep track of your time while presenting
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When presenting your deck in front of an audience, use Presenter View to be able to keep track of your time, see what slide is coming up and check your notes.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the presentation in the device/screen you're going to project.

  2. In your computer or mobile device, open a new browser window and access your Slidebean account.

  3. Find the deck, hover over it and click the three dots in its top right corner, to find the "Open Presenter View" option. 

From this Presenter View, you can transition the slides in the projection screen, with the arrows. To start the timer, just hit the Start button. 

The Notes you can see here are added in the presentation editor, in the Notes section on the Design editor. 

Using your phone as a clicker

In order to control the presentation from your phone, follow the same steps above. Instead of controlling the slides from a computer, sign in to your Slidebean account from the phone and access the Presenter View from there. 

Keep in mind that the next slide and timer won't be available in your phone, but notes will.

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