Slidebean AI: Key design features
Learn about some of the main options in the Design editor
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Slidebean features an AI assistant that can help arrange your slides automatically. Just hit a button and get the slide organized. Keep in mind that some slides will still require manual adjustment to get to what you want, but AI can simplify the process.

1. Arrange with AI

When working on a presentation, we encourage you to first work on the Outline and focus on adding content. Once you've added the content, switch to the Design editor and hit the "Arrange with AI" button below the slide.

The AI engine will make decisions to layout the slide, and you can hit the button again to see a different result. AI arrangements can be undone with Ctrl+Z.

Keep in mind that simpler slides with fewer elements can be easily arranged with AI, while slides with more elements will require manual adjustments.

2. Text style and size

To find text formatting options, just select the text element and then highlight the words. To change text size, you'll see the default style is "Normal", click on the drop-down to find more options. For Headings, you'll find some style options.

3. Image and Icon Styles

To find cropping styles for Images and different graphic styles for Icons, just click on the element itself to find its editing options.

When you select an image, you can see the Crop button in order to reposition the image in the crop frame.

4. New Themes

Slidebean Themes determine the design style, colors, and fonts for your deck with a single click. And now there are more options. 

Once you select a Theme, you can also go to the Palette options to select a different color combination, as well as to select different Fonts

Premium bonus: You can now create a custom branded Theme by just pasting your website URL.

5. Animations

You can manually determine the sequence in which elements are shown in a slide. Find the "Animations" button next to the slide, and use the Step boxes to decide what shows up first and consequently.

Elements will be tagged with their number in the order you organize them in Steps. If all elements are contained in the Step 1 box, the slide will show up all at once.

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