Whether you've already imported a deck to Slidebean or you started one from scratch, a great way to be sure it's looking as good as it can is by taking advantage of the monthly reviews that come with Founder's Edition.

Noticed some typos in the gif above? Our writing team will proofread your presentation to make sure everything's clear and easy to understand, and eliminate any typos or grammar mistakes that went under your radar.

If you've added new slides or edited some, you can also request a design tune-up. Our team of designers will rearrange and improve the overall appearance of your deck. While it's not a full redesign, our adjustments will definitely improve upon the work you've already done.

You get one proofread and one design tune-up per month to use with any presentation you choose. When hovering over a presentation in your dashboard, click Expert Help and then Presentation Review to select which kind of review you wish to request.

After 2 business days, a revised and improved version of your deck will be added to your dashboard, so you can choose which changes to keep.

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