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Slidebean Dashboard
Slidebean Dashboard

Easily access all Slidebean features

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This is your account home page, where you can find all of the app's features. Check out the main sections on the left sidebar to easily access them. Scroll down to find informative cards on the dashboard too, with specific features and events.

Startup Calendar

Slidebean holds recurrent events like webinars, crash courses, meetups, and others. You can keep track of them in your account's Calendar. This Calendar will also show up reminders and events you may set up in the Investor Tracker.

Fundraising Kit

This kit is a set of documents helpful for your fundraising campaign. It has a dedicated card in your Dashboard.

To create the documents in this Kit, you can just take a survey. The data from your answers will be populated in different templates to give you a head start in generating these documents.

All-Access Feature Overview

You can explore and access the app's features on the left sidebar of your dashboard.

  • Presentation Templates - A gallery of professional templates to create pitch decks and other business, marketing, sales, and many more presentations.

  • Investor Tracker - A built-in index for you to find investor profiles to research and network.

  • Community Events - Digital and live events featuring Slidebean CEO and other teammates and experts, along with a growing community of startup founders and entrepreneurs.

  • Book an expert - book 1:1 sessions with our experts and analysts for a fee. They can review your pitch deck, financial model, and overall strategy, and offer valuable advice. These sessions have an additional cost, but you can get monthly sessions with our experts with the Accelerate plan.

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