Create an Investor List

Find potential investors from a curated data base

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The Investor Tracker can match your business criteria with a curated list of public investor profiles, to show you the most relevant ones to research.

Your Investor List

Start by Adding Investors. You can manually add contacts and prospects you may already have, or find them with our database. Use the 'Find Suitable Investors' option to take a quick survey and match the investors with your company.

Review the list provided after completing the survey and select the ones you're interested in, to add them to Your List. If you want to see more investors or get different results, go to Edit Survey and retake the initial survey by selecting different criteria.

On your list, click on each investor to see and manage their profile.

Investor Details

The details provided for each investor include LinkedIn and/or Angel profiles, industries of their investments, locations of operation, and some investments in their portfolio.

Update the contact Status to keep track of your research and potential contacts with each investor. Your notes, follow-ups, reminders, and other status updates will be shown as a timeline.

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