Get help finding investors
Find potential investors and keep track of your interactions
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The Investor Finder is accessible from your Dashboard. To start using it, you have to complete a short survey. By matching your answers in the survey with investors in a database, Slidebean will show you the most relevant ones.

On your list, you can click on each investor to see more about their profile and contact information. Slidebean now allows you to keep track of your interactions with the investors. Combined with the Presentation Tracking feature, this can be a great way to stay on top of who looks at your deck.

There is a selection of Statuses for you to follow up on potential conversations and interactions with investors, shown as a timeline, and with the ability to leave notes.

You can now manually add investors from your personal contacts, in order to keep track of your communications.

If you want to see more investors or get different results, go to Edit Survey and retake the initial survey selecting different criteria.

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