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Hire the Slidebean team
Hire the Slidebean team
Learn about the professional services we offer for startups
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Slidebean gives startups a platform and resources to build better pitch decks and presentations. But we know it can get overwhelming, or maybe you just don't have the time, so, you can hire our team of experts to do it for you.

Now, you can get a project started right from your account dashboard, through the 'Hire our Team' button, on the left sidebar. Here is a summary of the services you can hire.

A team of experts including business and financial analysts, business founders, investors, senior copywriters, and designers, will work with you to deliver a pitch deck ready to start engaging with investors or clients.

The process is generally structured in two phases: writing the copy of the pitch, and then designing the slides to put the deck together. This can take 3-4 weeks on average, and the service gives you access to the Investor Finder feature, to help you narrow down the search for investors.

Check out Sparkle's case studio here, to learn how they managed to raise a $7M round of funding with a Slidebean pitch deck.

Our design team will create a custom new look for your slides. Whether you already have an existing presentation, or something more like a draft, all we need is for the copy to be final, and all assets to be editable. The service focuses on graphic design and does not involve offering feedback or making changes to the content.

The redesign generally involves setting up new color schemes, fonts, graphic highlights, images, icons, graphics, charts, and the overall layout of the content. If you have a brand book we will work with it, but it's not required. The service does not include producing assets like logos, illustrations, infographics, or animations.

This service is charged per slide, starting at $39 each. You can submit your slides at any time here.

Building a working financial model is no easy feat. To help startups get started with it, we have built a series of templates for different business models like SaaS, eCommerce, and more.

But working with the template or making custom adjustments, does require some spreadsheet expertise, and time. So, you can hire our experts to build a custom model for you to just plug-in data and see the results.

Think of it as a custom-built calculator specific for your business, where you and your team can plug in your values to project different outcomes over time.

Whether you'd like some expert feedback on your pitch deck or financial model, or maybe you have some more existential questions on your startup journey, our team of professionals can help.

The team includes our CEO, and other startup founders, investors, business and financial analysts, software engineers, designers, and more. The sessions last 30min, it is recommended that you bring in your topics or questions ready.

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