Startup Goals
A breakdown of the startup journey focused in achievable Goals
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Slidebean offers a startup journey based on Goals, giving you the resources needed to achieve them and helping you get your startup on the right track.

Define your Startup Journey

The Goal you select at sign-up will be shown on top of your dashboard and you can change it to a new one once you complete it, or just check them all out.

Below that, Slidebean will display a number of cards showing you the most relevant features to help you achieve the current goal.

To explore all of the features in the app beyond the current goal, look at the left sidebar of your dashboard.

Achieving your Goals

To help your startup achieve these objectives and keep moving forward, each Goal includes a curated selection of resources and tools. These are specific combinations of the following main features:

  • Templates - A gallery of professional templates to create pitch decks and many other business presentations, along with other document templates including different financial models, some basic legal paperwork, and more.

  • Lessons - A series of video tutorials and lessons from Slidebean CEO about the most pressing issues for most startups in early and more advanced stages.

  • Deals - A selection of valuable deals for you to start using some of the tools and services that you will need, or at least will make your startup life easier.

  • Investor Finder - A built-in index for you to find profiles and contact information from investors that could be potentially interested in your business. You can keep track of the messages you send and the interactions with prospects.

  • Community Events - A series of digital and live events featuring Slidebean CEO and other teammates, along with a growing community of startup founders and entrepreneurs.

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