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Be aware of event opportunities to join Slidebean CEO and other entrepreneurs

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Slidebean is building up a community where founders and entrepreneurs can join in different events to learn, share, and have fun while doing it.

You can access these events from your Dashboard. Here are some of the main events you can be a part of with your All-Access plan:

Slidebean Demo day

Every month we select the top companies that have used our platforms to create their pitch decks and submit them to compete. The best pitch decks are selected and hosted on a YouTube Demo Day extravaganza.

Special judges can come on board, like Reid Hamilton and Stephan Klotzbuecher, who run the New York Chapter of Founder Institute and joined our first Demo day edition. And yes, there are real prizes!

Weekly Office Hours

Every week, Slidebean CEO, Caya, will join All-Access members to chat and offer feedback and advice. It's a great opportunity to get some answers or help with your current startup struggles.


Live meetups have been a success in our two main locations: NY and Costa Rica, but there are plans for San Francisco and more places. We like to think of meetups as casual spaces to network with other entrepreneurs and companies, and there may be special guests or other surprises.

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