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Slidebean App & Slidebean Agency
Slidebean App & Slidebean Agency

Learn about our Subscription Plans and Consulting Services

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Slidebean has two lines of service: a consulting Agency, where we deliver professional pitch decks, financial models, and strategy advice for startups looking to raise capital; And subscription plans to access all the DIY resources in the app.

Here's a short breakdown to help you decide what fits best.

Subscription: All-Access (yearly plan)

Slidebean simplifies the process of creating professional presentations with an easy-to-use editor and hundreds of templates. Our Pitch Deck templates are the most popular ones and have been used by hundreds of thousands of startups, but there are many other templates for marketing, sales, management, and more presentations. 

Beyond presentations, Slidebean offers other resources for startups working on fundraising.

  • Presentation Builder & Templates: With an easy-to-use presentation builder, with hundreds of templates for decks like your company profile, business plan, go-to-market strategy, sales, marketing, and many more. And our popular library of pitch deck templates.

  • Investor Tracker: Access a curated list of public investor profiles that match your company's criteria. You can keep your list with the relevant ones to your networking process, to create follow-ups, notes, and calendar events.

  • Fundraising Kit: A set of documents generated from filling out a survey, simplifying hours of work into one work session. The foundations of your brand deck, pitch deck, go-to-market strategy, and more are generated by answering specific questions.

Subscription: Incorporation (yearly plan)

In partnership with Lazo, this subscription offers everything you need to incorporate your business in the US. The team at Lazo will onboard you in the process and give you the resources needed to go through the incorporation process.

On Slidebean, the Incorporation plan includes everything in All-Access, plus monthly sessions with our team of experts, including Slidebean CEO. These are four group sessions each month, where you can get more personal feedback and advice.

These sessions are focused on four areas:

  • Fundraising

  • Go-to-market Strategy

  • Financials

  • Pitch Deck

You can sign up for Slidebean for free, play around with basic features, and subscribe when you need the specialized features. Feel free to email us at if you have questions.

Slidebean Agency

Slidebean's team of experts includes business analysts, copywriters, and designers, who deliver custom Pitch Decks and Financial Models, for startups working on growth and fundraising.

  1. Presentation & Pitch Deck Design

    Our design team can bring new life to your existing deck, making it more visually appealing and impactful. Submit an order to schedule a briefing session with a Project Manager, and get the project started. The service includes two rounds of revisions after the first version is delivered.

  2. Pitch Deck Writing & Design

    After a briefing session with our team, we write a compelling story of your company and design a powerful pitch deck, ready to present to investors. This service includes up to 3 rounds of revisions in the writing process, and up to two rounds of revisions of the design, once the content is approved.

    Connect with our sales team to discuss your project and get started.

  3. Strategy + Pitch Deck Sprint

    Startups that are deeper into the fundraising process can work with our senior analysts on their fundraising strategy and storytelling to create a powerful case for investors. 

    On top of writing and designing your pitch deck, this service includes up to 5 hours of consultation with our analysts to offer assistance in estimating your market size, and go-to-market strategy, with access to our C-level team, including our CEO.

    Talk to our sales team to discuss your project and get started.

  4. Financial Model Training

    After working on thousands of pitch decks and financial models, we are clear on the main pain points startups face when forecasting revenue and different financial scenarios. This training is a comprehensive program to teach founders the logic behind driver-based financial modeling and help them build the custom spreadsheet they'll need to run their business.

If you're interested in any of these services, go ahead and book an intro call with our sales team on this calendar to talk about your project and get started.

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