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AI Pitch Deck Generator

Generate a full Pitch Deck from your company website

Updated over a week ago

Our new implementation of ChatGPT into the Slidebean editor can create a full Pitch Deck for your company in seconds. All you need is your website URL.

When you go to Create a New Presentation, a new option will show up: Create Pitch Deck with AI. Select it and just paste your URL.

AI will analyze your site in depth and break down your company into the Pitch Deck slides. Add your logo, replace the image placeholders, make sure the copy works for you, and customize the design in the editor if you like. Here are more articles to help with that.


  1. Can AI generate the pitch deck from text prompts?
    No text prompts are needed or supported. The pitch deck is generated from the AI analysis of your website.

  2. Can I generate a pitch deck if I don't have a website?
    No, the slides are generated from a website analysis.

  3. Can I create other presentations with AI?
    At the moment, only pitch decks can be generated with AI.

  4. Can I download the pitch deck?
    The deck can be downloaded as a PDF or PPT file. Downloading and sharing the presentation are subscription features.

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