1. Outline and Design: Focus on Content.

Slidebean's AI powered editor simplifies the design of your slides by making educated decisions for you. Just add the content and let AI do the rest. For this, the editor has two sides: Outline and Design. 

Focus on the Outline first and start by adding content. The slide seems plain on Outline, don't worry about the look just yet. Use the Add Content Block to add elements like text, images, icons, graphs and much more. To delete an element, just hover over it and use the Bin icon. 

Add slides with the New Slide button on the left sidebar. Drag and drop them from there, to reorganize the deck. In order to remove a slide, click on the little arrow next to the slide thumbnail, in this sidebar.

2. Design: Arrange with AI

When you switch to Design, AI will automatically arrange the slide for you. If you want something different from that first given layout, just hit the it the "Arrange with AI" button, to see alternatives.

The little Clock button next to it, allows you to see and choose from previous alternatives. You can make manual adjustments too, just dragging and dropping the elements. 

3. Theme: Style, Color and Fonts

Slidebean Themes will determine the style, color and fonts in the slides. You can select different Themes and choose a different color Palette or use different Fonts as well as create your custom settings.

4. Slide Settings

There are three buttons next to the slide, in the Design editor: Settings, Animation, and Notes. Within Settings, you can choose the Color Set for the slide, according to the palette. There are also background Styles and you can use a background image, whether from the built-in gallery or upload your own ones.

Animations lets you reorder the sequence of appearance of elements when presenting. Just drag and drop the elements to the next Step box. Putting all elements in a single block, will make them show up all at once.

5. Share and Present

All presentations are private by default and you can make them shareable using a link. In the upper side of the editor, you'll find a Share button. There, click on "Only you and your collaborators can view this presentation" in order to start sharing. This lets you make the deck Public on the web or share it only through the link.

In order to present, you can click on the Preview button from the editor and go full screen from there. From your account Dashboard, just hover over the deck and click Play.

With Presenter mode, you can see the notes while presenting, as well as preview the slide coming up and measure the time of your presentation. Access it from the options on the deck in your account Dashboard. 

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