In your Dashboard, click on New Presentation to find our Templates gallery. The categories we've developed are Marketing, Startups, Sales, Business, mainly. Clicking on the Template thumbnail to see a preview of the slides.

Once you choose a Template, you'll get to the presentation editor. Please note that your slides have two sides: an Outline and a Design editor.

The Outline will help you focus on the content, keeping a clear summary of the info in your slides. You'll find empty states offering guidelines and for you just to replace them with your own information.

The Design Editor lets you customize the look and create compelling layouts with just a few clicks.

You can Delete unwanted content blocks in the template, just click on them and look for the trash Bin icon. It can be done from the Outline and the Design editor, at the upper right corner of the element controls.

Simply clicking on a Content Block itself will show you its editing controls, with different actions in the Outline and the Design editor.

To Delete or Duplicate a slide from the Template, look for the arrow next to it, on the Sidebar. To move a slide up or down, drag and drop it where wanted:

Our Advise: focus on your content and generate the slides Outline. Then move to the Design editor and find out how fast the Slidebean's magic happens 🔮

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