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Learn the basics of the Slidebean presentation builder

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Slidebean's AI-powered editor simplifies the design of your slides by making educated decisions for you. Just add the content and let AI do the rest. Or, most of it. For this, the editor has two sides: Outline and Design. 

1. Outline: Focus on the content 

We encourage you to work on the Outline first and start by populating the slides. This is a plain view of the slides, don't worry about the look just yet. Start adding content and media through the Insert option below, or in the upper settings menu

To delete an element, just hover over it and use the Bin icon.

You can drag and drop slides from the left sidebar, to rearrange their position in the deck. In order to delete a slide, click on the little arrow next to the slide thumbnail, in this sidebar.

2. Design: Arrange with AI

When you switch to Design, AI will automatically arrange the slide for you. If you want something different from that first given layout, just hit the "Arrange with AI" button below the slide, to see alternatives.

In order to go back to previous arrangement options, just hit Ctrl+Z. Some slides will require manual adjustments, on top of what AI can do to help. You can manually drag and drop, resize, align, and do more edits to elements within the slide.

3. Theme: Style, Color, and Fonts

Slidebean Themes will determine the style, color, and fonts in the slides. You can select from different given Themes and figure out the design with just a click. You're also able to change the Palette or use different Fonts as well as create your custom themes.

4. Slide Settings menu

All the controls for your slides are found in the upper Settings menu of the editor.
You'll find the familiar settings: File (to manage your document and be able to share, export, and more), Edit (to undo and redo changes),  Insert (to add new content elements), Layout (to use AI auto-arrangements), Background (to manage the background images and settings of the slide) and Animation (to set up the sequence of animations). 

5. Share and Present

All presentations are private by default and you can make them shareable using a link. To share a deck, go to Insert and find the Share menu there. Start by clicking on "Only you and your collaborators can view this presentation" in order to change this and make the deck shareable. This lets you make the deck Public on the web,  Unlisted to share it using its link or make it available to everyone in your Slidebean account team.

In order to present, you can click on the Preview button from the editor and go full screen from there. From your account Dashboard, just hover over the deck and click Play.

With Presenter Mode, you can see the notes while presenting, as well as preview the slide coming up and measure the time of your presentation. Access it from the options on the deck in your Account Dashboard. 

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