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Design Basics: Theme, Palette, and Fonts
Design Basics: Theme, Palette, and Fonts

Easily design your slides with these controls

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Themes, Palettes, and Fonts are the main design controls of your deck. Just pick the ones you like from the upper menu in the editor to get a good-looking presentation.

1. Theme

Use Themes to style your presentation with just one click. They are a combination of graphic style, a color palette, and fonts. To change the look of the deck, go to Theme in the upper The app offers you a list of preset Themes to choose from and easily change the look of your slides, but you can create a custom one.

Creating Custom Themes is a subscription feature, check out this article for more details.

2. Palette

Color is automatically applied throughout the deck by selecting a Palette. To change colors in your presentation, go to the Palette button, in the upper part of the Design editor. A list of palettes will show up to select from.

Each Palette has different Color Sets to alternate colors and give variation.To change colors in a slide, go to the Background options in the upper menu of the editor and choose a different Color Set.

Check out this article for more details on creating a Custom Palette.

3. Fonts

Slidebean gives you a selection of premium fonts to apply to your slides. You just need to choose one for Headings and one for Body text. This will make your life easy and ensure the deck looks good.

Just go to Font in the upper menu of the editor and scroll down the panel that pops up to see the font selection. If you have custom fonts for your brand, you can upload the font file and apply them. Just click on "+ New Font" to add them.

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