In order to manage a presentation, just click on it from your account homepage to find its options. You'll be able to preview the slides here and find more action buttons.

These are the actions you can take from here:

  • Edit: Launch the editor to work on the slides
  • Insights: Visit your dashboard and keep track of views to this deck
  • Share: Manage the privacy and sharing options of the deck. Find more about the Sharing options here
  • Embed: Get the code you can use to embed these slides in different websites
  • Folder: Choose a folder to store this presentation
  • Export: Request an offline copy of the deck
  • More: Here you'll find the option to Delete and Duplicate the presentation
  • Use as a template: Save the presentation as a Template and use it to create new decks from there.

In order to rename the presentation, just click on its name and edit it. You can also add a short summary. 

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