In order to edit and manage your presentation, just click on it from your Dashboard. You'll be able to see a preview of the slides and take the following actions:

Name: Just click on the presentation's name to rename it.

Edit: Access the presentation editor to modify the slides.

* Share: Find the URL link to your deck and decide who can see it.

* Embed: Get the code you can use to embed your slides in different websites.

* Export: Request to download a PDF or PPT file (not-editable).

Duplicate and Delete: Click on the three dots to get more options. There you can duplicate and delete the deck.

Use as a template: Using a presentation as a template will save it for you to apply the same outcome to other presentations. 

* Request a Design Review: Send your presentation for our Design team to help you enhance the overall result and address any improvement areas.


  • These actions are not available during free trial.
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