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Updated over a week ago

Your account dashboard shows up some of your latest presentations, to access all of them go to My Presentations on the left sidebar, or click the 'Show More' button.

In order to manage a presentation, just hover over its card to find options. Here are the buttons you will find:

  • Edit - Access to edit the slides.

  • Play - View the slides in full screen.

  • View - This feature allows you to keep track of visits and views on your shared presentations (available to unlock with the All-Access plan).

The Elipsis button on the top-right corner will show you more settings. These are the options available, check each link for more details.

  • Share: Make the presentation shareable and manage collaboration settings.

  • Export: Download an offline copy of the presentation.

  • Embed: Get the code to embed your slides on different websites.

  • Open Presenter View: Access a view of your presentation with notes and a timer.

  • Use as a template: Save this deck as a template for future decks. It will show up among your templates when starting a new presentation.

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the deck.

  • Delete: Remove the deck from your presentations.

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