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Managing your slide decks

Updated over a week ago

There's a dedicated card for your presentations in the account dashboard. It shows your last deck, along with a quick summary of views and other stats. You can create a New presentation from that card, or go to My Presentations on the left sidebar.

To access presentations where others have added you as a collaborator, look for the 'Shared with me' tab, in My Presentations.

Create a Pitch Deck with AI

You can now generate a full pitch deck using AI. Go to start a New Presentation and choose the new AI option from the menu that pops up. You just need to add your website URL for AI to perform the analysis and generate the deck.

More Options

In My Presentations, you can sort your decks by creation date and the last edited ones. To rename a presentation, just click on its title and type in the new title.

Hovering over a presentation in the dashboard or My Presentations will show you these options:

  • Edit - Go to edit the slides.

  • Play - View the slides in full screen.

  • View - Keep track of visitors and views on your shared presentations.

Click the ellipsis button on the top-right corner of a presentation to find more settings.

  • Share: Make the presentation shareable and manage collaboration settings.

  • Export: Download an offline copy of the presentation.

  • Embed: Get the code to embed your slides on different websites.

  • Open Presenter View: Access a view of your presentation with notes and a timer.

  • Use as a template: Save this deck as a template for future decks. It will show up among your templates when starting a new presentation.

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the deck.

  • Delete: Remove the deck from your presentations.

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