In order to manage a presentation, just hover over it from your account homepage to find its options. You'll find the deck's details by clicking on View, or be able to launch the editor by clicking on Edit.

On the up corners of the deck's preview, you can access the Sharing options or click on the ellipsis to find these options:

  • Export: Generate an offline copy of the presentation.

  • Embed: Get the code to embed your slides in different websites

  • Folders: Store the deck in one of your folders 

  • Use as a template: Save this presentation as a template to start creating new decks using it as base.

  • Design Review: Submit the deck for a review 

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the deck

  • Delete: Remove the deck from your presentations

Find more about the Sharing options here

To get the details of the presentation, click on View. This will open a side-panel on the left and you'll be able to see the Insights stats of the deck. This includes: Views, Visitors and Completion rate.

Here, you can check an Overview of the Insights, as well as the Viewers who have visited your deck. Results can be shown for different time ranges, including the last 7, 30 and 90 days. 

If there are no stats yet, you can start sharing your presentation from here too. 

Finally, in this View options you can rename the presentation and add a short summary. To do it, find the About tab and click on Edit.

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