In order to manage a presentation, on your account home page, just hover over the deck. Here are the buttons you will find:

  • Track - This Premium feature allows you to keep track of visits and views on your shared presentations.

  • Edit - Access to edit the slides.

  • Expert Help - You can purchase consulting sessions with our experts and reviews for your presentation. This feature is included in the Founders Edition plan.

  • Play - View the slides in full screen.

The Elipsis button on the top-right corner will show you more settings. These are the options available, check each link for more details.

  • Share: Make the presentation shareable and manage collaboration.

  • Export: Download an offline copy of the presentation.

  • Embed: Get the code to embed your slides on different websites.

  • Folders: Store the deck in one of your folders.

  • Open Presenter View: Access a view of your presentation with notes and a timer.

  • Use as a template: Save this deck as a template for future presentations.

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the deck.

  • Delete: Remove the deck from your presentations.

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